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How to take the Daily Conversation Design Challenge

1. Read the challenge

1 of 14 short exercises will be delivered to your inbox every day for 14 days. Including: a scenario, a challenge and how many words you have to work with.

2. Write it in under 10 minutes

Write and edit your solution as fast as you can. Try to do it in ten minutes. Most UX writing and content challenges are timed exercises. If you can do it even faster, that's even better.

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Who built this, and why?

We're a veritable "murderer's row" of Conversation Designers, UX Writers, Content Designers and Content Strategists.

You a Content Designer who needs to brush up on your conversation design skills? A seasoned technical writer who wants to add a new tool to their toolbox? A writer looking to make a career change? Yeah, we built this for you. Enjoy!

Hillary Black

Hillary Black is a conversation designer, marketer and conversational AI content creator. She is the co-founder of Mav, founder of Conversation Designer Jobs and of the online community Conversation Designers Internet Club. Her work is featured on, UXPA, Miro, Voiceflow, Botmock, Women in Voice and more.

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Bobbie Wood

Bobbie Wood is the founder of UX Content Collective. She was one of the first UX content strategists to work with the voice design team at Google, and built out the payments-by-voice feature across every Google product. She's adept at designing voice first and voice-forward multimodal experiences along with writing dialogs for chatbots.

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Ryan Farrell

A content strategist, retired musician and creator of the original Daily UX Writing Challenge. Ryan is currently a Sr. Content Strategist at GoodRx, and has worked with everyone from fortune 500 behemoths to scrappy start-ups. He specializes in onboarding and registration optimization, and top-of-funnel long-form content strategy. He lives in Bend, Oregon with two kids and a little white dog.

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Detective Lt. John "Mac" McClane

30% American Pit Bull Terrier, 16% Chihuahua, 13% min-pin, some other stuff, and 100% hardcore. Mac was with the NYPD until a run-in with a group of 'would-be' thieves at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, 1987 convinced him that it's better to be a dog than a Cop. These days the closest Mac gets to thwarting "thieves-posing-as-terrorist" types is when he bites the heads off of his owner's son's Dinosaur puzzle pieces—so, not even close.

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